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Responsible Traveler

responsible-travelerDear Travelers;
Buddha Nepal Treks Pvt Ltd only run eco friendly trekking and holiday tour in the Nepal Himalayas. Awareness and responsibility are the most important things to take with you on your journey. Your behavior has an effect on the local’s attitude towards their culture and environment .Therefore, please not only keep to the legal rules but give the best example you can






Stop Pollution

  • Burn paper waste, Bury food waste properly, or feed it to stock animals. Carry out all other nonr-biodegradable garbage. Return batteries to your country for proper disposal.
  • Purify drinking water yourself, instead of buying it bottled.
  • Use local toilet facilities wherever possible. Carry a toilet tent, and make sure the pit is covered properly when you leave. On the trail, stay at least 50m away from water sources, and bury you waste.

Respect People & Culture

  • Adopt local custom, don’t wear revealing clothes. Save caresses for private moments.
  • Respect privacy: Ask before photographing people or religious sites. Don’t enter houses uninvited,
  • Respect local management, Gompas and caves may be closed for outsides or accessible for a small fee or donation.
  • Discourage begging and encourage fair dealing


Protect Wildlife & Landscape

  • Remember that is illegal to disturb wildlife, to remove animals or plants, or to buy wildlife products

Let Himalayas change you. Don not change them,

 Responsible Travel:
“Leave only foot-prints, take only photographs” is our principle. We are striving in promoting sustainable tourism. Therefore, our clients are requested to follow minimum impact code while in the trip so that both host (local nature, culture and people) and the travelers benefit for the indefinite years ahead. Our clients are highly encouraged to preserve and conserve nature and natural beauty, respect local people and culture, privacy, stop pollution, protect wildlife and conserve forest. The guests will keep their eyes, ears and mind open, not only to learn from their hosts, but also encourage right behavior. Hence, be a good example for others; spread the word about sustainable tourism.

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